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Welcome to
Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

A Safe Haven for Donkeys, Mules.

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We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of donkeys and mules in need. By providing educational opportunities that increase awareness of the human/animal bond and the specific needs of long ears,

SYA can improve the lives of donkeys

and mules everywhere.

If you are a donkey and mule lover we would love your support. We have lots of giving opportunities and ways to help the long ears. Push the button and learn more about how you can support a donkey or mule in need.

What We Do

We are proud of our operation.

We may be small but we are mighty!

Since 2007, we have cared for donkeys

and mules
24/7, rain or shine. 

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656 saved and placed in loving homes

It costs $15

 a day to support 1 donkey.

Around the Farm

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