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About Us

Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to rescuing, rehabbing, and rehoming unwanted or neglected donkeys and mules so none get left behind or go hungry. We were incorporated officially as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2007. The rescue was founded by a few wonderful women who got together and decided they wanted to help donkeys and mules who had nowhere to go, and thus, SYALER was born! 

We take in and place anywhere from 20 to 40 animals per year into loving approved homes. At one time we can currently house up to 15 equine at one time. We are currently located in South Acworth NH where we rent land, but are looking to get the rescue its own property so we can rescue and help more donkeys and mules in need.

Co-Founder - Ann Firestone

Ann has owned and loved all kinds of long ears for over 20 years. Ann knew she wanted to spend her life working with animals from a young age. She has been involved with dog rescue and wildlife rehabilitation and was a vet tech for 35 years. Once in the donkey loop, Ann met other donkey enthusiasts and found that she was not the only one taking in donkeys in need of new homes. "We decided to join forces and put all of our energy together to help as many donkeys and mules possible."

Ann retired as Executive Director in 2022. She handed the reins over to Hannah Allen.

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President/Director - Hannah Allen

Hannah has worked with SYA since 2015.

It is here that she fell in love with donkeys and mules but always had a passion for working around and with animals. Hannah has completed many courses on equine behavior and enjoys using this knowledge to train donkeys and mules using force-free methods such as Positive reinforcement. So that donkeys and mules can become adoptable.


From a very young age, she has always been a horse-crazy nature nerd and has been around these two things whenever she had a chance. Hannah took on the role of Executive Director of SYA after Ann retired in 2022.

Hannah's favorite pastime when not surrounded by the rescues includes spending time with her two dogs, chickens, and three equines;  A Lippitt Morgan named Gusto, a quarter horse mule from SYA named Slick, and a Gypsy Vanner named Seamus. 

Treasurer - Jean Cross

Jean has owned horses and one mule for 17 years. She is an active member of the Green Mountain Horse Association, Green Mountain Miniature Horse and Donkey Association, and Draft Animal Power Network. She fell in love with long ears after attending a mini donkey show in Addison, VT. Her mother was in the market for a little equine, and try as she might, jean could not convince her that a donkey was the way to go; instead, they brought two mini horses home. However, Jean has taken every chance to hang out with all the asses she finds, including the two mini donkeys that live at Shelburne Farms, where she works.

She brought home her aged mule from a farm that was offering her up as a protector of sheep. This would not have been an ideal job for her as she was going blind. Jean has worked hard to regain her trust and has found that work to be the most satisfying of all the work she has done with her equines. Jean lives in VT with her husband, Cairn, two dogs, two cats, two rabbits, three mini ponies, and one awesome mini mule.


Laura Kmiec

Laura has been working at SYA as a valued team member since late 2021. Laura helps to keep the rescue animals clean and comfortable by feeding them, cleaning stalls, pastures, pens, and all the other endless tasks that need to be done on a farm. Laura has an excellent work ethic and is always willing to come to the rescue at the drop of a hat if we need help. Laura spends her free time taking care of her friends' animals when needed, her own two horses named Blue and Sara and spending time with her family and friends. Laura has grown up around horses as her parents, too, had a love and a passion for equines.

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