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Available For Adoption

We do our best to keep this page up to date with new intakes at the rescue. Please check back often to see new long eared faces looking for homes or bios that have been updated as we continue to learn more about each animal. 

How Does The Adoption Process Work?

Our process for adopting can take a few weeks, so we always recommend that potential adopters fill out an adoption application first and foremost if you're interested in a donkey or pair. You can find the adoption application at the bottom of this page. Once you fill out an adoption application and send it to us, we process it checking vet and farrier references. Once your application is approved we will get in touch with you about coming to meet some donkeys and mules and to see if there is a love match waiting for you! Want to know how to prepare to adopt donkeys? Read our blog post here.


We Need Monthly Sponsors!

It cost $15 a day to feed one donkey at our rescue.

Thats $420 a month to feed and house one donkey!

Apply Today

Please fully fill out the adoption application if you're interested in any of our adoptees. You can send it to the email below, or text it to the phone number below, or send it snail mail to: 23 Saw Mill Rd. So. Acworth NH, 03607

Adoption Application

Adoption Contract

(603) 762-2073

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