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Let's share the love we have received from fellow donkey and mule lovers.

Mandy E.


"Can't say enough about our respect and love for this rescue. Always there to answer questions and the love for long ears and their well being is always at the forefront. We adopted 2 of our sweethearts from them and couldn't be happier! They are not only a great resource but wonderful all around!"

Sally Baldwin


"Incredible caring and dedication despite setbacks that could fell ordinary mortals."

April C


"We finally made it there today- heaven!!"

Bracal and Kelly Kilian, Adopters From Maine

We first came across Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue when we began looking for a mule to add to our treatment program. Gandalf, a draft mule, had just become available for adoption. His pictures were stunning, and his adoption information/requirements were educational and fun to read. We quickly reached out and connected with Hannah. We were very impressed with her presentation, knowledge, and commitment to doing the best for the animals in her care. The adoption process was thorough, which told us that placement was going to be a great fit! We had some specific needs as we are a program that utilizes animals with treatment clients, and because she knows every animal intimately, she was able to assure us that this big sweet boy would be a great fit in our program! Shortly after being approved for the adoption and prior to pick up, she reached out to inquire if we had any interest in a companion mule. She indicated they had been rescued together and thought it would be nice to move together. She presented it as an option with absolutely no pressure. After some consideration, Hannah listened to our concerns and worked with us to be sure that the placement of Betsy would be a healthy and permeant choice. Ultimately, we adopted both Gandalf and Betsy and could not be happier with our experience and continued support by Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue. As an organization, they do a great deal for donkeys and mules with the easy ways that they provide education and are a resource without biases or exclusion. The adoption placements are thoroughly vetted for long-term success, demonstrating their commitment to the animals in their care. The facilities are clean and inviting. The love of the team is evident in the care given to every animal on site. We were honored to be approved for adoption and will continue recommending them to anyone looking to adopt a rehabilitated rescue. Thank you for all of the hard work, long hours, and emotional investments that go with being a rescue!


Lisa & Steve

Killingworth, CT

When we began our search for another mini donkey as a companion to our little Luna, we knew we had to be patient & trust that we’d be the soft landing for the right soul at the right time. 


After Thanksgiving of 2022, we saw SYALER’s FB post of mini surrender, Benjamin.  The videos & pictures of him tugged at me but he wouldn’t be available for adoption until he was fully assessed… so I kept my eyes & ears open & checking rescue sites often.  A few months later, I saw Benjamin posted as adoptable @ SYALER & submitted my application!


When I got an email telling me that my application was approved with the invitation to come up, we were so excited to meet him & see if we’d click.  When we got to the rescue, a volunteer happily greeted us while Hannah got Benajmin.  We made our way to his paddock where he was quietly munching on some hay -- we called to him, he lifted his head turning it in our direction & eagerly strolled on over.  Hannah told us more about him, asked us questions & answered ours.  It was such an honest conversation free from pressure & we felt so at ease.  The volunteers who were friendly & welcoming also gave us space to spend time with Benjamin & get to know him… & Hannah had even removed Benjamin’s paddock mates so that the 3 of us could just focus on each other.  It made our introduction so comfortable & distraction-free which was really appreciated.  Needless to say, we fell in love with Benjamin!


I’m so grateful that SYALER exists & continues to save the lives of donkeys & mules.  Their dedication & devotion to these endearing, affectionate & often overlooked animals is invaluable.  Thank you SYALER for the work you do & for bringing our little Benji to our family!   


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