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Help to house and feed donkeys and mules who need a hoof up.

Donkeys and mules often get the short straw in life, they are neglected, seen as stubborn and hard headed and get tossed to the wayside. At SYALER we treat all our residents with the care and respect we know they need and deserve. We are always striving to do better and be better for donkeys and mules everywhere.



Your donation will make a huuuge difference!
We greatly appreciate all of our wonderful donors who have helped to save as many donkeys and mules as we have today. With your help we can continue to shelter and feed more donkeys and mules in need so none get left behind or go hungry.

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To Mail A Check:

Or, you can send a tax-deductible contribution to the following address:

Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

35 Bush St.

Marlborough, NH


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Be A Longear's Hero 

Did you know we spend on average $51 dollars a day on hay to feed our herd of donkeys and mules? 

That's $17,136 a year! This does not include a lot of our expenses for residents who get special diets and need extra supplements.

Would you like to join our monthly support team with our Take A Long Ear To Lunch program?

SYA Merchandise

We have a variety of clothing and other fun, equine-related merchandise items available on our shop.
Each purchase supports the animals we rescue and provide sanctuary for. 


Send A Donkey A Gift

We go through a lot of supplements, dewormer, and random enrichment items for each animal in our care. Thank you for sending the donkeys and mules presents, they enjoy each and every one from grooming supplies to treats! 

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