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Must I treat my donkey for worms?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

You might not see them, but parasites/ worms are real.

Donkeys and mules do get parasites and need to be dewormed. We recommend bringing a fecal sample to your vet to find out what, if any parasites your donkey or mule has, and what to use to best treat the problem. We do not recommend "routine deworming". Why put harmful chemicals into your animals if they don't need it? Dewormer resistance is becoming a very big issue in equines all arround the world. If parasites and worms become resistant to all of our dewormers we are in big trouble. So please do fecal exams with your vet first. We also recommend having a fecal done two weeks after your equine has been dewormed to ensure the parasites have been eliminated.

CAUTION: Special care must be given to donkeys who have not been on a regular deworming program and who may be carrying a heavy parasite load.


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