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Our Donkey Weight Tape has been scientifically researched over many years using over 1,000 donkeys both from the UK and Kenya, with the invaluable help of the Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon and initially Warwickshire College, Moreton  Morrell.  

It was found that a weigh tape specifically for donkeys was required when estimating the weight of a donkey over the age of four. Tapes for horses and ponies skewed the results and were not accurate enough. This was mainly due to differences in digestion, metabolism and weight distribution.



Why is it necessary to estimate the weight of your donkey?

  • To ensure that the correct dose of wormers and veterinary drugs are given.
  • To monitor that the correct nutrition is being given.
  • To monitor the weight when travelling your donkey in a horsebox or trailer.
  • Essential for working, driven, ridden and showing donkeys

Donkey Weight Tape

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